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This is our old reservation form.  To register with our new reservation system go to:

Welcome to Steve K and Jerry, Executive Town Car Service, and Mr. LIMO- Please note that before you fill out this form you need to be in a secure area. If you came here through Netscape you should see a small locked Master Lock in the lower left hand corner. If you are in a secure environment and are ready to go to the form then click here. If you came here from or through Internet Explorer make sure you are in a secure environment before you proceed. If you are in a still unsecured location click here. You will be asked fill in several answers to a few important questions. Some answers are required the rest are optional. The required fields are:

  1. Your name.

  2. Your contact phone number (that you are at right now).

  3. Your e-mail address.

  4. Your credit card information. (kind of card, card number, expiration date, and name as it appears on the card.)

  5. Other that that the please fill in the blanks as best you can. You do not have to have all of the answers to submit your reservation. Please note that we do have a 12 hour cancellation clause. You may cancel your reservation at anytime up until 12 hours before your order. However if you cancel within less than 12 hours before your order we will charge you half the original amount of your order.

  6. When you have filled in much as you can click on the submit button. We will send you a e-confirmation and then follow up with a phone call within 48 hours to confirm that we do in fact have the reservation and that you are booked. If you do not hear from us within 48hours call 1-888-675-4665.

Please fill in the following:

This form is to make an On Line Reservation without being added to our data base. If you want to add to the data base and then make a reservation go to:  If you are trying to Pre-Pay a deposit in a reservation that you have already made on the phone or with an email go to:

Date the passenger gets picked up:
Time the passenger gets picked up:
Name of the passenger traveling: *
Contact phone number of passenger: *(NNN-NNN-NNNN)
E-mail of person filling out this form: *
I need you to pick me up at (the):
(If other location)

Address of the pick up:

City of the pick up:
Type of car I want:

(note: Prices vary by size so check the respective price list before ordering)

Destination of passenger in the car:
Number of people in the party: *
Fax Number: (NNN-NNN-NNNN)
I have special requests for my charter or transfer listed here:
Where is the plane coming from: (on arrivals only):
Name of airline traveling on:
Flight Number:
This is a transfer fare. This means that the fare starts at point A and finishes at point B.
This is a charter fare. This means that you will be hiring the car by the hour. 3 hour minimum on stretches and 2 hour minimum on a sedan.
No additional stops.
Will there be additional stops charged at $10 per stop.
If you have additional stops how many will there be:
Waiting Time:  We charge waiting time from 9 minutes after the time of the scheduled pick-up until the car tires roll (on departure transfers and intercity transfers only.  Does not apply to arrivals or charters by the hour). The waiting time charge on for a sedan is ($10 or $.75/ minute from the original time of the order for a sedan and $1/minute for a stretch limo)  whichever is greater.  We also charge waiting time on extra stops over 9 minutes at the same rate from when the car gets to it's location until we proceed on course on extra stops. There is no additional charge for incoming flights that are delayed. We will update the flight with the automatic arrival system. You do not need to call if the flight is delayed or early. However, if the flight is CANCELLED your reservation for the car is also automatically cancelled and you need to call back and reschedule.  If you go stand by on an incoming flight call us before you take off at 1-888-675-4665 with the new flight number, airline, and your name.


This is a Departure.  If it is an arrival move the dot to one of the options in the same color group below.  If it is a departure just leave the dot where it is.
This is a Charter.  This fare booked by the hour.  I understand that Arrival and Departure information is not necessary.
This is an Arrival. I have Checked luggage.  I will call 1-888-675-4665 and find out the license plate number of the car and where the car will meet me in about 5-10 minutes after my call after I have claimed all of my checked luggage.
This is an Arrival.  I would like driver to meet me at (the gate OR  at baggage claim) after the plane arrives for $10.00 extra charge.  I will tell him if I have checked luggage or no checked luggage at that time.
This is an Arrival.  I have no Checked Luggage.  I will meet the driver 10 minutes after the plane pulls into the gate to park.  I will walk to the upper level (departure level) outside by the white curb and stand under the sign of the airline that I came in on. This option is available if you have no checked luggage at San Francisco Airport ONLY!!!.  It is not available on International flights in San Francisco or in Oakland or San Jose Airports.  (note that on United Airlines that will be door #5).  If you don't see a car with your name on a sign in the window of a car call 1-888-675-4665 immediately. 
This is an Arrival.  I have no Checked Luggage.  I will call 1-888-675-4665 when I arrive to find out where to meet the car.  This option is available in San Francisco or Oakland ONLY.  Not available in San Jose Airport.
To guarantee this reservation we need a credit card. We take Visa, Master Card, and American Express only.
Highlight the type of card you are using to hold the reservation and how you are going to pay for the order: *   
Card number: (This number is just to hold the reservation.  If you want to pay by credit card you will need to bring the card with you to make an imprint in the car, or you can pay cash, or you can pre-pay in any amount on line with our on line payment center.)
Expiration date:
Name as it appears on the card:
Where you heard about us:
Please recheck that all information is correct before you click on the submit button. We will give you an e-mail confirmation of your order and contact you by phone (if possible) 48 hours from now.
Thank you for your order.  
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